Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Join The STREET TEAM! - Scranton Senior Photography

what's the STREET TEAM?

to put it simply, you get cash and discounts for your senior pictures in exchange for telling all of your friends about us and bringing them in to have their senior pics done!


we need two 2013 seniors from any and every school to 'rep' us up at their schools


then click the link below and get registered. we'll be finalizing our STREET TEAM very soon for 2013 so you need to get in quick!

also - once you fill out the form then let your friends know that go to other schools so they can get in on the action too! remember - it doesn't matter where you go to school, we want ya to help us out and get paid for it!!!!

okay all rock, we love ya and you're what makes our biz!

hope to hear from ya soon!

fill out my form. it's awesome.

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