Seniors - Be The Trend

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? You know senior photos are a huge deal. You trade them with all of your friends, they go out with graduation party invites, and you know it will be hanging on the wall. Forever.

So here's my idea: lets not make this normal, or standard, or alright. lets make this awesome!

High impact portrait art is what I'm all about and you'll see it in your photos.

Don't follow trends. BE THE TREND.

This option is for the senior that wants a quick but exciting session. Like our bigger sessions, you still have unlimited freedom to do what you want, we just have less time to do it. We shoot for one hour at one location and if you want to squeeze 6 outfits into your one hour, go for it! We will get a great selection of images for you!

This session gives you more time to really take advantage of the unlimited freedom we offer all of our seniors, showcasing more of your style and personality! Two hours of shooting which covers all of your outfits, locations, friends, or anything else you may want to include.

Want to spread out your senior photos over the entire year? You get THREE sessions, one in Summer/Fall, one in Winter, and one in Spring. This will show you throughout the year as you get closer to your big day - graduation. Each session is about 60 minutes long.

*You must purchase a print collection(starting at $79) after each session. After the third session, you can combine all of your favorite images (if you can choose!) from all of your sessions to create a collection you'll prize forever!

196 LUXE
Love ANTM? If you've ever wanted to be a model and show off your creative side in front of the lens, then this session was made for you! You get TWO photo shoots, each lasting about TWO hours. The coolest thing is that you can have two totally different types of sessions, you can do whatever you want! Want some downtown couture -ish-ness? A little naturey park or open field? High key studio photography? You got it!

*The two sessions can be on the same or consecutive days - whatever you want. They must be within two weeks of each other. A minimum purchase from the Rockstar Collection (starting at 375) is required for this session.


These are your senior portraits, so do them right! The Rockstar Addition gets your own stylist to work with you before your session! My super stylists will bring you the latest most awesome looks for your shoot. They base your hair and makeup off of your suggestions, your clothing, your personality, and your funkiness factor. This can be added to ANY Session.

No one takes senior portraits like this, so stop looking and call me! 570-592-2938