Monday, May 2, 2011


I've wanted an iPhone since they were first launched way back in 2007. But I was also a Verizon customer, and that meant that I was left out unless I was willing to switch back to AT&T.

And that wasn't gonna happen.

So I waited and was rewarded in February when I got a special email notifying me that the iPhone4 was coming to Verizon! So of course I was one of the first to get my grubby mitts on it, and I love it.

So instantly of course I started taking pictures with its 5 megapixel camera.

Let me tell ya, when you do not have any control over the aperture or shutter speed or iso, it is extremely freeing. You have to find other ways to let your creativity flow, and the image really takes on a new importance when you don't have to worry about settings. I think that as photographers we get too bogged down in the technical aspects of the craft and forget that it's really about the image.

Using my iPhone has increased my sight and how I see things. 

I am actually toying with the idea of shooting a wedding exclusively with the iPhone.

We'll see if that works out.

These few shots were taken with my iPhone 4. These and many more can be viewed at my  Facebook page. Go to the photo album "iPhonery" to view more and maybe be my friend as well.

Cuz it's good to have friends.

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